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The Shantou Fantawild Adventure Blue Mercury Park is the largest theme park and one that comprises the most hi-tech elements in Gunagdong East. Established in 2009, the Park was developed as a 50-50 partnership with Shenzhen Huaqiang Group.


Shantou Blue Mercury Company Limited:

The Company was established in August 1998 with registered capital of RMB 180 million, wholly owned by Yuhua Investment Company Limited, with Xu Yisheng as the legal representative. The Company mainly engages in developing and operating tourism projects, sales of tourist merchandises, tourism real estate development and construction, as well as leasing, selling and property management of self-built real estates.


The Company has an aggregate area of 454.3 acres in the Shantou East bay area dedicated for commercial, tourism (and hotel) and residential use, which is also the site for the Shantou Fantawild Adventure Blue Mercury Park and the Blue Mercury–Red Star Macalline joint project. Complementary strengths from the cooperation have not only made creating the world-class theme park possible but also delivered a top-notch vista that serves visitors from Guangdong East as well as Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi area.


The Shantou Fantawild Adventure Blue Mercury Park has been up and running since July 2010. Designed to receive 2 million visitors every year, the Park comes with modern, high-tech interior amusement facilities and is the largest in the five southern China provinces. Developed in partnership with Shenzhen Huaqiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Shenzhen Huaqiang Group, the Park spans 248.67 acres and comprises nine exciting themed areas—Galaxy Square, Space World, Return of Wukong, Western Legend, Dinosaur Peninsula, Conch Bay, Doby Farm, Kids’ Kingdom, and Water World—featuring more than 100 attractions.


The Park has adopted innovative and modern amusement facilities and incorporated leisure concepts from the new era in leading edge technologies, such as animal-robotic, 3D/4D analog devices, computer and digital technologies like real-time entertainment and virtual simulation.


The Park is realization of a conceptual tourism product that has blended high technology, artistic creation and tourism together to create a new kind of technology-infused entertainment and tourist attraction. It showcases the successful merger between modern tourism and the cultural and creative industries. The success story not only propels the growth tourism and related industries but also builds credentials for Shantou to become the tourist hub for Guangdong East.